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Adyas Bouw BV develops and realizes projects within private and commercial construction.

Adyas Bouw

Specialist in total renovation

    Total renovation

    A total renovation is a complete renovation of your home. Just about every part is renewed, and often much is torn down and rebuilt.

    With a total renovation, you can completely convert the home to your own taste and desires. These days, people are increasingly choosing to remodel a new or existing home.

    When you buy a new home, the house may be outdated or may not fully meet your taste. With a total renovation, you can solve this easily. The same goes for an existing home. By renovating the home, you can make your home more modern and more responsive to your needs.


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    Extensions, extensions & additions

    An addition is a structure that is glued to the existing home, giving you a separate space in return. The exterior walls remain as they are, but there is a connection between the two rooms through a door.

    An expansion is an enlargement of an already existing space, which means moving the exterior wall. For example, you can expand your kitchen or your living room to make it bigger.

    You can also choose to build upward. A roof structure is an additional floor on top of an existing home. The new floor is connected to the house by a staircase. A superstructure is an additional living space.

    With us, the creation of an addition, extension and superstructure is always customized and will be done in the style of your home. Besides the fact that these 3 options are looking popular right now, the value of your home will also increase.

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