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Adyasbouw is the contractor who will relieve you of three segments within construction.

Adyas Bouw

Construction Specialist

    Work method

    We always go for honest and transparent cooperation. In our work, these 2 handles are indispensable. The customer is our top priority, and how nice it is when the end user knows where he or she stands. Therefore, you can expect the following points as standard when working with us:

    • 10-year warranty on all our roofing work
    • Free quote request
    • Response to your quote within 24 hours
    • Free, no-obligation consultation
    • Skilled work


    Available 24/7 at
    0183 – 20 30 05

    A contractor who listens and puts your needs first.

    If the door can be opened in the morning and locked again at the end of the workday, we are more than satisfied.

    By having your roof inspected on time and maintaining your roof annually. For this, you can request a no-obligation quote from us.

    Every roof needs maintenance and it is very important to do it on time.

    To provide a targeted price estimate, it is always a good idea to view your roof first.

    The price per m2 depends greatly on the type of roofing and what kind of roof you have. For this, it is best to contact Adyasbouw.

    Transparent & Clear.

    Free quote

    A quote is free and without obligation

    Free contact

    Easily send us an e-mail or call us at: 0183 – 20 30 05

    Appointment scheduled

    Scheduled an appointment within 1 minute.

    Get a free competitive quote in your mailbox.

    24/7 in 3 countries

    Adyasbouw works nationwide and operates in 3 countries; Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. With 45 professionals, we enjoy working every day.

    Get in touch for free.

    We are available 7 days a week to answer all your questions.