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Adyas Bouw

Specialist in roof insulation

    Roof insulation

    XPS or PIR boards are usually used for flat roof insulation. These plates are pressure-resistant and walkable. This is useful when insulating a flat roof from the outside, because you can then walk (with care) over the sheets. PIR also has a high insulation value. Even with a thin sheet of PIR you can achieve a good Rd value.

    When insulating a flat roof, it is possible to insulate from the outside or from the inside. With insulation from the outside, the insulation is placed directly under the roofing. PIR or XPS is usually used for this application. The result is a warm-roof construction.


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    Insulating the roof

    Heat rises upward; to prevent heat loss, insulating your roof is often the first step. You also see that largely of the market starts with this step. Both pitched roofs and flat roofs can be insulated just fine. For flat roofs, rigid insulation boards called PIR or XPS boards are often used. These sheets contain a high insulation value.

    For Pitched roofs, soft insulation boards are often used, think glass wool and insulation foil. The duration for insulating your roof depends on the m2 of your flat or pitched roof. After your roof is insulated, you immediately notice the difference in heat and sound. So the result is immediately measurable.

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