The specialist in roof maintenance

Adyas Bouw BV develops and realizes projects within private and commercial construction.

Adyas Bouw BV

Specialist in roof maintenance


    Your bathroom, your roof, your stairs or dormer needs maintenance. We can periodically maintain your building for you by appointment.

    With 45 inspired craftsmen, we can do everything in-house on any project.

    Our motto stands for ‘ promise and deliver’. By continuously providing quality and service, we distinguish ourselves.


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    0183 – 20 30 05

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    Total maintenance

    Adyas Bouw BV is the contractor who will relieve you of five segments within construction.

    We are happy to take over and let our inspired specialists do the work accurately. We do this within drywall, carpentry and roof/wall work, among others.

    With the two core values; transparency and honesty at the forefront, we always go for a long-term cooperation. This makes us the loyal, sustainable and innovative builder.

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