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Adyas Bouw

Specialist in floor insulation

    Floor insulation

    Floors lose their heat by radiating to the colder crawl space floor and foundation walls. We use 2 forms of insulation for the floors; TONZON floor insulation is the only floor insulation system that reduces this heat radiation to virtually zero and Trifoil floor foil and insulation provides triple results: cost savings, increased comfort and a healthier indoor environment.

    Tonzon and trifoil insulate differently and therefore better than the thickest packs of wool, EPS or PU foam. The unique method allows the floor to heat up faster. In addition, the floor becomes even warmer than the air above it and retains heat much longer.


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    Insulating floors

    See below the benefits of Trifoil and Tonzon insulation in 1 row:

    Tonzon Floor Insulation is suitable for:

    • All types of floors: wood, stone, concrete, kwaaitaal, and so on.
    • Floors that have not yet been insulated.
    • Floors insulated during construction.
    • Floors that were subsequently insulated with PU foam or soil insulation.
    • Floors with underfloor heating.

    Trifoil Floor Insulation is suitable for:

    • Wooden and concrete floors
    • Floors that have not yet been insulated.
    • Floors insulated during construction.
    • Floors with underfloor heating.

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