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    Do you need renewal or repair to your roof in the Hardinxveld area? Then meet Adyas Bouw BV. We renovate, repair and renew your roof. In addition, we offer an emergency solution for leaks on your roof. There really is no roof too small or too big for us. Our experienced roofers work accurately, can be on site quickly in Hardinxveld and have a love for the job.

    Before we start our work, we perform a free roof inspection. In addition to our own findings, we are happy to listen to your wishes and opinions and discuss options with you. Of course, we will advise you at all times and offer a 10-year warranty on all our roofing work.

    Roof maintenance in Hardinxveld

    Over the years, your roofing will wear out. Consequently, there is no escape. Your roof but also your dormer needs maintenance. We are happy to take the work off your hands and let our enthusiastic specialists do the maintenance accurately.

    With 45 inspired craftsmen, we can do everything in-house on any project in Hardinxveld. Our motto stands for ‘ promise and deliver’. By continuously providing quality and service, we distinguish ourselves.

    What you can expect from us

    Adyas Bouw BV is the contractor who takes care of you. With the two core values; transparency and honesty at the forefront, we always go for a long-term cooperation. This makes us the loyal, sustainable and innovative builder.

    Need a roofer in Hardinxveld? Take immediate action and call us at number
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    . We would be happy to come to you for a free roof inspection and solve your roof problems quickly and professionally. Would you prefer to receive some more information or a free quote first? Then fill out our quote form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


    Available 24/7 at
    0183 – 20 30 05

    Pitched roofs or flat roofs, new construction or renovation, it doesn’t matter to us. 150,000 m2 of roofing is what we work away every year. This is something we are proud of! Not only in Hardinxveld but also nationwide, we receive assignments from various customers and clients for whom we are proud to work.

    Once traditionally started as a sustainable villa builder. Meanwhile, a contractor which is conquering the market in a sustainable and modular way. In doing so, we work closely with local and national relations. Our work can be found not only on small projects but absolutely also on large projects.

    Nothing is more annoying than leakage on your roof. Therefore, always have your roof inspected on time and have your roof serviced annually. For this, you can request a no-obligation quote from us.

    The price per m2 depends greatly on the type of roofing and what kind of roof you have. For this, it is best to contact Adyasbouw.

    Every roof needs maintenance and it is very important to do it on time.

    To provide a targeted price estimate, it is always a good idea to view your roof first.

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    Turn to Adyas Bouw BV for all your roofing needs in Hardinxveld. Not only will you then benefit from the most competitive price but also the best quality. We do a roof inspection free of charge which means that a roof repair can be done quickly and professionally.

    Sustainable and innovative

    We value sustainability and innovation. By using recycled materials and separating our construction waste, we contribute to these 2 values. We stand for responsible construction and we like to show this in our way of working. Consider having your own electric vehicle fleet, using green energy, building green roofs, etc.

    • Always on site within 24 hours

    • 10-year warranty on our roofing services

    • Free quote within 24 hours

    • 30 years a trade company

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